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Donnerstag, 27. April 2017.

CASA, the chain of interior decoration stores, is putting the focus on inspiration by adopting a new strategy and has officially settled into its new distribution centre in Olen


The move to the new headquarters and distribution centre along the E313 in Olen marks the beginning of a whole new chapter for the Belgian interior decoration chain - CASA 2020: an overhauled sales strategy that is putting the focus on inspiration, both on the web and in store. CASA is innovating by rolling out three new developments: a Click & Collect webshop, a completely redesigned store concept, a renewed assortment, based on 3 contemporary style expressions and an overall new look and feel.


CASA 2020, a focus on inspiration with the Click & Collect webshop and redesigned store concepts

CASA is putting the focus on inspiration this spring by adopting a brand new commercial strategy, both on the web and in store. The chain of interior decoration stores is investing in e-commerce with the launch of a Click & Collect webshop along with a totally redesigned store concept.  Giane Van Landuyt, CEO of CASA, explains: "Today, our customers are looking for an appealing source of inspiration from the latest trends in decoration, both online and in the store. With our easily accessible webshop and our new store concepts, our customers will be able to give free rein to their inspiration at home. “

The Click & Collect webshop is already available for customers in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. Via www.casashops.com the customer can place an order in the store of their choice, pay for the products online and collect them in store. As soon as this pilot project is validated, the Click & Collect webshop will also be activated for the other European markets where CASA is operating (Spain, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland). For CASA, this investment marks a first step on the way to a future totally online store.

CASA is investing not only in e-commerce, but also in its stores where the company intends to offer its customers even more inspiration by widening the aisles and adopting a more industrial look, creating universes inspired by different themes. At international level, 200 stores are included in the 2017 programme, including 30 in Belgium. Other stores will be renovated in early 2018.

The construction of the distribution centre in Olen provides logistical support for the deployment of the new strategy in the 9 European countries where CASA is active. 


The Olen distribution centre, a model of logistics efficiency for all of Europe

Equipped with a bulk storage warehouse and an order picking area, the new distribution centre offers a larger storage capacity and now supplies all CASA stores in Europe. Giane Van Landuyt, CEO of CASA International, adds: "We’ve put a strong emphasis on the ecological dimension of our distribution network. Centralisation in Olen enables more efficient delivery of goods to our 520 stores in 9 European countries. Together with our partners, we will save about 5,000 truckloads a year. “

The new distribution centre is also a truly technical feat in ergonomic and technological terms. In the goods acceptance area, the containers are unloaded by an automatic telescopic conveyor which takes the operator to the goods to be unloaded (at different heights). And in the bulk warehouse where all the goods are stored, pallets are brought in and out using automated trucks.

The electronic order picking releases the operators from manual handling processes: gone are the days of pulling or pushing pallets and rolling containers. Finally, the packaging of incoming and outgoing products takes place on a modern packaging line, which greatly improves the packaging process and optimises distribution.


An inspiring campaign

In the coming weeks, CASA will be launching a vast 'inspiration campaign', both online, via social media and offline, through a new brochure. The campaign is intended to be an inspiration to create a warm and welcoming interior thanks to a range of functional and decorative items boasting a  high standard of quality and at the right price. The chain of interior decoration shops intends to focus even more on annual themes and generic styles, while offering tips and tricks as well as very useful DIY ideas.


About CASA International

CASA is an international chain of contemporary interior decoration stores established in 9 European countries with a total of more than 500 stores, subsidiaries and franchisees. Objects for interior decoration, giftware, household and bath products, textiles and small items of furniture make up  the range offered by CASA. For further information: www.CASAshops.com



Donna Herreria – Coordinator PR

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